A place stake on the 4 or 10 pays nine dollars for a five dollar bet. When the 4 or the 10 is the point number, you make a five dollar place bet on the opposite one. Here is how you can press your place bet up just to a “buy” stake.
Place the 4 or 10 for 5$.
You are out five dollars when the shooter 7sout.

On the 1st hit you’ll be paid nine dollars.
Ask the broker to Press your stake.
The pace bet will be ten dollars and you’ll get four dollars.
(You’ll be minus one dollar if at this time the shooter 7s out)

On the 2nd hit you’ll get eighteen dollars.
Ask the Dealer for Buying the number.
He will enlarge your bet to twenty-five dollars and bring you back three dollars.
(You’ll be plus two dollars if at this time the shooter 7s out)

Buying a number, you have to pay a five percent commission to get true odds on the bet. When buying the 4 or 10, you’ll be paid two to one instead of nine to five for the bet. In several casinos you’ll be asked to make the commission for your buy stake up front. Though in some other casinos a player only give the payment when his bet wins.

When it’s the 3rd hit you’ll be paid fifty dollars (minus a dollar commission)
(You’ll be plus fifty-one dollars if at this time the shooter 7s out)

After the 3rd hit, a player has 2 options:
1) You have a right to leave your buy stake up and even collect forty-nine dollars for every hit.
2) You also can regress the bet to five dollars and get back an extra twenty dollar profit.